we transform inventions of Golden Age into collictables and various creations to make ancient innovative.

We believe this heritage is great tresure for all humanity.. We aspire to spread it to all age groupes, human races and relegions..

December 2015
February 2016
April 2016
November 2016

The seed of Qirtas was shaped as a graduation project for Saja Muzaini, when she transformed the invention al-Jazri’s Elephant Clock to a building set. From this spot Qirtas journey started with a clear vision and a series of other new wonderful ideas..

Saja participated in MIT EF Saudi Arabia and was shortlisted out of 30,000 participants as one of the 9 finalists in the idea track.

Qirtas was accelerated in a program by Ministry of Labour in Saudi Arabia and KAUST, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, and received mentorship and guidance for 6 months

Qirtas was established as a Startup carries ambitious dreams within each member of its family.

Qirtas launched a crowd funding campaign to fund its kickstart in the market and the launch of its first products. The campaign witnessed great success and reached 160% of its goal.

Qirtas now is working hard and passionately to scale up in its products and deliver its message to the whole world.


We aspire to provide a range of products and services that reflects Arabic and Islamic cultural heritage, through easily accessible creations combined with contemporary aesthetics for a global audience to reflect its unique position and transform the global perception of it.

Each creation is shaped with our spirit and values..

passionatly developing each single Qirtas creation.
unique high quality products.
reinforcing admiration towards our rich identity.