Saja Muzaini

Founder and creative director

A passionate product designer, graduated in 2013 with distinction with a degree from Jordan and Germany. I have a huge interest in cultures and a geeky one in engineering. Combining my various interests with high level of self-motivation and ability to solve challenges creatively, resulted in the founding of Qirtas. Designing and developing our products is done with great love, huge amount of dedication and a big chunk of hard work.

Aws Abusalem

Co-founder and Operational Manager

A young visionary entrepreneur studying international business at the University of Massachusetts. I am keen on observing the markets and analyzing how things scale. with a high ability to focus and stay on track, I enjoy making decisions that affect long-term scaling as well as managing the team while keeping and eye on the little details of quality.

But we are much more than two…


Each crowdfunding supporters who took part in our kickstart, each advisor who guided us in our steps, each passionate follower who sends us appreciation letters, each and every single strong believer who believes in our message,is part of our family…


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Behind the scenes, we have some of the most inspiring mentors out there.
Working with us constantly to reach bigger successes… We can’t thank them enough…