We aim to reconnect you with the glory of the Innovative Islamic past, through easily accessible toys, merchandise, workshops, combined with contemporary aesthetics for a global audience.


Inspired by the Islam Golden Age inventions and discoveries, we create collectibles and models to connect with our rich past.


Whether it is a toy, sculpture, painting, or a pen, all our creations reflect part of a rich civilization. You will discover history as you never had.


We will take you on a historical adventure, tackling your mind and dazzling your eyes. We studied history thoroughly to create delightful moments that will take you to the shores of a world you’ve never visited before.


Our creations will put history in your hands. For the first time, ancient inventions are alive for you to feel their splendid details and feed your curiosity.

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They Said

With a committed and passionate founder and team, this startup is sure to give countless hours of enjoyment while also reminding people of a hugely significant part of human development, one that is often overshadowed by time.

Gordon McConnelProf. Head of the Entrepreneurship Center in KAUST

Al-Jazari clock clarifies the interest of the old Muslims in science and inventions, Qirtas promoted this in a fun and useful for children. Supporting these projects is important in order to continue and grow

Ahmad Al-shugairiTV Personality

Qirtas experience is still inspirational to me. Reviving history, exciting project, nonstop development and tireless marketing. Good luck

Sami Al-HussayenCO. Founder Rwaq

Collaborations and Awards

Collaborations and Awards